to create a new generation of Makeup Artists. Artists who care about their work and their clients. Artists who care about themselves. Artists who care about each other. Artists who share work. Artists who help each other grow. A forum, a community.

I have been training clients in Makeup Artistry for a good few years now, and within no time I was coaching professional and self-taught makeup artists on their craft, their business and everything regarding the industry. Once I realised how much relevant knowledge, information and experience I had, I wanted to share it with every makeup artist that came to me.

Within my passion I found a new passion - to help, to inspire, to assist, to guide, to share, to empower, to uplift. And in this way I could really make a difference. I answered every message, every question and helped as many artists as I could, and so in the most natural progression ever, Zar Academy was born.

I am bursting with excitement and pure joy as I embark on the next phase of this blessed career of mine. It would be my honour to have you join my very own makeup school in Mowbray, Cape Town. I intend to love each and every one of my students as I have with all of my beloved Zar Brides.

Welcome! Mi casa Su casa,

Love Razana


· Our aim is to train you up in everything that is required to start running a full-time or part-time profitable and professional makeup business
· Due to the practical nature of the industry, rather than writing an exam, we focus on building strong makeup skills, a strong portfolio and work experience. For all the creative and practical people out there who don’t particularly enjoy theory, this course is for you!
· We focus on areas in the industry where the most work is available i.e. editorial/fashion, special occasion and bridal.
· Upon satisfactory completion of the tiers, students go into the agency where they will be placed in jobs in editorial, bridal and special occasion, as and when the jobs are available.
They will also work alongside Razana on jobs and projects, as and when these are available.
· As an agency, we will represent our students/graduates and always try to negotiate the best working conditions for them.
· A Business, Sales and Customer Service course tailored for Makeup Artists, is included in the intensive full-time and part-time course.
· Small classes means a quality learning experience for each student.
· Majority of the course will be taught by Razana.
· We oversee your business processes, portfolio and ensure that your work is to a certain standard of quality.
· Coaching is available to all students and graduates during and after their courses (coaching i.e. advice and guidance.)
· Our courses are thorough and industry relevant. We cut out what is not important, and teach our students to be resourceful, so in the event that they are faced with something they did not learn, they will be prepared on how to handle it.
· Our school has ample parking, and is on public transport routes.
· Our course is tiered, which means you can start working before you finish the course, and come back later on for a refresher course. The tier levels also assist in a more accurate placement of jobs that are suitable for you.
· Upon satisfactory completion of the course, portfolio and job shadow hours, students will become ‘Zar Brides Certified.’
· An advanced, refresher course is available after 6 months+ of work experience, for graduates who would like to brush up on their skills and work on areas that they are struggling with.